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Are you one of the many customers that is addicted to our Bubble Teas or Fresh Fruit Freezes? Well, give us your testimonial and have your picture taken holding your favorite drink and receive a free bubble tea or fresh fruit freeze!

Heather: "I like it, I like all red bean stuff" Favorite Flavor: Red Bean

Veronica: "It's really good, try it.....try it I say"

Favorite Flavor: Vietnamese Coffee

Kristine "starfish"(left): "way better than Starbucks will ever be! And the rainbow bubbles do taste better"

Leslie "Gidget" (right) :"Not only does it taste great but you don't have to pay an arm and a leg"

Cody: "tea - yummy "

Favorite Flavor: Mango

Christina and Alyssa: "Bubble Tea; It makes us feel better when we're down. It's awesome!"

Christina's Favorite Flavor: White Chocolate Mocha

Alyssa's Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Banana

Melanie: "Absolutely love bubble tea. Different but delicious."

Favorite Flavor: Green Tea Mango

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Bubble Tea Testimonials!!

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